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A passion

At Oak Enzo, we like to go with a different flow... The flow of timeless....

Oak Enzo started in 2009 with a lot of passion from a small shed in downtown The Hague. Since then over the years we have provided many homes with custom-made eye-catchers. We have also expanded our work to the design and manufacture of solid wood furniture. 


With our furniture we create a new experience. A timeless experience. Working with soul and passion requires time and dedication. We impart that in each of our furniture, an experience of harmony and durability.

All our custom work and furniture is handmade in our workshop. Here the constant pursuit of progress, refinement and execution supports our daily drive to consciously create.


Furniture making and sustainability go hand in hand. The pursuit of quality is a sustainable endeavor in itself. 

In addition, at Oakenzo we put extra care into the materials we use. All of our designer furniture is made entirely of solid wood. Solid wood, from a clear source, remains the most sustainable material with which to make furniture.

We also supply our custom furniture with materials from a clear source, from recycled materials or sustainable forest management. (PFC and PEFC) The suppliers we work with make this possible for us and share the passion for conscious production in the furniture making industry.


Eva Doorneweert

Eva started her furniture making career at the HMC. In 2009 she founded Oak Enzo. Since then she has gained a lot of experience in creating custom furniture pieces. Her insight into the constructive and creative process is what Oak Enzo's success hinges on. 


“It gives enormous satisfaction to achieve an uncompromising balance between design, proportion, functionality and quality in every project and with every piece of furniture. To bring the details and design together in a design, where you have the feeling that everything is perfect and has always been that way.”

Thijs de Weerd
furniture maker and designerpitcher

Growing up in one of the craft-rich Frisian Eleven Cities, Thijs came into contact with craftsmanship from a young age. The inspiration he gained there is still with him. Graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design, he happily focuses on the design process. 


“The impression that the centuries-old craftsmanship has had on me is something I still pursue. I see design, craftsmanship and art as one and the same. Function and aesthetics are what create the harmony in a piece of furniture. Achieving that harmony in the design and production process is what makes me shine again and again.” 

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